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Monday, December 18, 2023 at 4:27 PM UTC

Links - 12/18/2023

Quote of the Day

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.”
-- Abraham Maslow

Software Development

How the OpenTelemetry Collector Scales Observability

Rethinking Serverless with FLAME

Path to Event-Driven Architecture. Start capturing INTENT!

Developer Tools / Libraries

How to Create a DEV Environment with Multiple Dev Containers

Scaling Applications Across Multiple Regions

Docker’s collaboration with Snowflake and Docker AI Advancements

How Google takes the pain out of code reviews, with 97% dev satisfaction

Create a .NET Web API with Entity Framework with GitHub Copilot

Visual Studio 17.9 Preview 2 has arrived!



7 Best Practices for Developers Getting Started with GenAI

Build your own copilots with Azure AI Studio

12 days of no-cost training to learn generative AI this December


Why Don’t They Just…

Different Is Better Than Better

Practical Ways To Increase Product Velocity

Picking Ideas that Win – Kendall W. Miller

10 things for makers


How To Create A Culture Of Feedback

Great Lessons from Indra Nooyi

8 Essential Qualities of Successful Leaders

How Shopify’s Developer Experience Survey Works

Evaluating Product Managers – We help you create successful product culture and process

Professional Development

Why you should write good epics

Time Hacking: The Scotty Principle

Personal Development

How LinkedIn Levels up Your Skillset … with AI

Getting better feedback on your work

Self-Publishing as Technical Marketing

Web and Cloud Development

What Vue’s Creator Learned the Hard Way with Vue 3

Check out Angular’s support for the View Transitions API

The Imposter’s Frontend Accelerator

Can gRPC replace REST and WebSockets for Web Application Communication?

The best new features in Angular 17: A kinder, faster Angular


Browse code samples

Auth0 Templates for .NET: A New Powerful Version Released

Containerizing .NET - Part 1

Entity Framework - Storing complex objects as JSON

AWS Step Functions in C# – Part 2

Exploring An Example Vertical Slice Architecture in ASP.NET Core – What You Need To Know

Inline Snapshot testing in .NET

.NET Native AoT Make AWS Lambda Function Go Brrr

Redacting sensitive data in logs with Microsoft.Extensions.Compliance.Redaction


Upgrading to MySQL 8.0


Proton Mail now has a desktop app in beta

Release v0.76.1

Smart Home

Securing our home labs: Home Assistant code review