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Saturday, December 23, 2023 at 3:31 PM UTC

Links - 12/23/2023

Quote of the Day

“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”
-- Albert Schweitzer

Everyones got one…

Why I won’t use .NET Aspire for now

Software Development

Let Code Speak for Itself

5 Tips for Building Resilient Architecture

Building Components For Consumption, Not Complexity (Part 2)

Hitchhiker’s Guide To Moving Relational Data To Events

Dealing With Legacy Code – How To Make Anything More Testable

Developer Tools / Libraries

Inside the all-new Edge DevTools user interface

Learn Go This Week: A Language Built for Simplicity and Efficiency

Naming Made Easy: AI-Powered Rename Suggestions

Design an API Specification Using MuleSoft’s Visual API Designer


Semantic Kernel - From semantic functions to prompt functions

Inference Race To The Bottom - Make It Up On Volume?

Future-proof Your .NET Apps With Foundation Model Choice and Amazon Bedrock

What are Some Good Generative AI Prompt Engineering Resources?


Scaling Your Software Team: Development vs. Hiring

Is “Wiring the Winning Organization” a book for you? Read my five takeaways and decide for yourself.

Implications of the failure of the Adobe-Figma deal.

Future of the Cloud: 10 Trends Shaping 2024 and Beyond


Time Management Is Dead: How I Actually Boosted My Team’s Productivity

Professional Development

Mentoring software engineers or engineering leaders

How to Start Over After Making a Testing Mistake

Strategic Thinking is the Most Valuable Leadership Skill Today

Don’t Sell Ideas – Debate Them

Personal Development

Focusing attention is a skill

Web and Cloud Development

Web Development in 2023: JavaScript Still Rules, AI Emerges

Tailwind CSS v3.4: Dynamic viewport units, :has() support, balanced headlines, subgrid, and more

Is Blazor the Future of Everything Web?

Overview of Bun, a JavaScript runtime

Mobile Development

Increase your app’s availability across device types


What User Interface Framework Should You Choose for .NET Desktop Applications?

Announcing .NET Aspire Preview 2

MemoizR - Declarative Structured Concurrency for C#

Introduction to Autofac FakeItEasy Package


Updates to the StronglyTypedId library - simplification, templating, and CodeFixes

Playing with the .NET 8 Web API template

How to Register Multiple Implementations of the Same Interface in ASP.NET Core

Discriminated Unions in C#

5 Serilog Best Practices For Better Structured Logging

Scan and FindIndex

What’s New in Our Code Coverage Tooling?


9 Reasons Why Your organization needs eSignatures?

What’s in Windows Terminal 1.19 Preview

Microsoft Clipchamp—easy and quick video creation