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Links - 05/06/2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 5:10 PM UTC


UnitTest - Martin Fowler


GitHub Cheat Sheet

Atom Is Now Open Source

Web Services (REST, HyperMedia, WebAPI, SignalR)

Start With Expressiveness

Software Development

Separating the UI Code from the Business Code: What’s Reasonable?

Free eBooks for Developers and Designers

Web Development

URLs are already dead


Let’s build: An AngularJS app with Browserify and Gulp

Web Design

CSS Shapes 101

Windows Azure

Mobile Services .NET Backend: Part 1—Creating the Service and Defining the REST API


FeatureToggle Version 2 Released

Building NuGet 3.x

Announcing the .NET Framework 4.5.2


7 Simple, Cheap Photography Hacks You Should Try Out

Podcasts, Conferences, Events

Announcing the Entreprogrammers Podcast


Tell Your Whole Story in an Interview