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Links - 04/25/2023

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at 6:42 AM UTC

Quote of the Day

"One can't be angry when one looks at a penguin."
-- John Ruskin

Software Development

Replacing Myself: Writing Unit Tests with ChatGPT

Developer Tools / Libraries

Welcome to

Working with stacked branches in Git is easier with --update-refs

From Jekyll to 11ty

5 things you need to know about Jekyll vs. 11ty Liquid includes

Turn Jekyll up to Eleventy

Why waste time reinventing UI components?


Tools of the AI engineer

AI for Everyone: ChatGPT Prompts That Anyone Can Use

Personal Development

Is Critical Thinking the Most Important Skill for Knowledge Workers?

A neuroscientist shares the 4 ‘highly coveted’ skills that set introverts apart: ‘Their brains work differently’

How To Practice Calm to Perform Better Under Stress

Web and Cloud Development

Accelerate API Development in Visual Studio with .http/.rest Files!


10 Awesome C# Refactoring Tips

How to create a mobile app with .NET MAUI in 10 easy steps

Using Query String Parameters with Minimal APIs


Searching between two date values in SQL Server